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Ghana is a vibrant country with friendly people, and stunning landscapes, but life can be difficult for those living in the rural areas.

Ghana was one of the world’s fastest-growing economies only a few years ago, with growing pockets of wealth in the cities because of its booming construction and technology industries and trading of gold, cocoa and oil. However, the last few years have proven challenging, with spiralling inflation contributing to stubbornly high poverty levels, especially in rural areas.

We work in the rural Volta region, where the main industries are agriculture and fishing. Many children work from a young age in these industries to help support their families and miss out on attending school, so we work with schools to encourage more children to start from an earlier age and stay in education longer.


Did you know?

Whilst Ghana has enjoyed significant economic development, 27% of Ghanaians live in poverty, mainly in rural areas, living on less than $2 a day. Because of this, one in five children in Ghana are out of school and work in strenuous agriculture or fishing jobs to support their families.

In the rural Volta region, we’re working with local schools to improve facilities and attendance rates, to ensure more young people leave education with better qualifications.

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We work with 11 schools in the coastal area of the Volta region. Whilst they are government-run schools, they are severely underfunded. In some classrooms, there are not enough desks for the number of students, so children have to sit on the floor. There is also a significant lack of basic equipment such as textbooks and sports equipment, which can be challenging for the teachers.

Volunteers travelling to Ghana with African Adventures have the opportunity to help teach in classrooms, coach sports and get involved in our building programmes, which focus on developing key infrastructure in schools. Find out more about what you can do.

A Typical Trip

Every day in Ghana, extraordinary experiences are sure to unfold.

Ghana is an incredible destination for a volunteer trip, thanks to a wonderful mix of friendly people, warm weather and deep sense of community.

Typically, our trips last between 1-3 weeks. Our volunteers work in their partner school from Monday to Friday during normal school day hours.

As our partner schools are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, the weekend is the perfect time to go and explore the rest of the country through our organised adventure activities (see below).

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