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The safety of our volunteers is our number one priority.

We have an experienced team of staff who plan and deliver all our trips, which is how we’ve developed a proven track record of providing safe, memorable experiences for thousands of volunteers. Thanks to our international network, we know what is happening on the ground. We have regional offices in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar, enabling us to build strong relationships with our host communities and deliver a high level of safety and support to our groups.

Our visits are carefully planned, and we pride ourselves on providing clear information before travel to all volunteers. Once you’re in-country, your trip is led by our team of friendly staff who deliver the itinerary as planned, and you have 24-hour emergency support in the UK throughout your trip.

For many volunteers travelling with us, it’s their first visit to Africa. We’re there every step of the way.

Trip Sign-off

If you need formal sign-off from your organisation’s leadership team, or another authority, we’ll help you complete any paperwork.

Pre-departure Support

We give every volunteer comprehensive information before travel, so everybody knows even the little things that can help keep the whole team safe.

Risk Assessments

If you need to carry out a risk assessment before you travel, we’ll give you all the information you need to complete it.

24-hour support

Whilst you’re away, you’ll have round-the-clock support from our team. In the event of an emergency, we’re also supported by critical incident specialists, Pharos Response.

Safety Management System

Our comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) ensures high standards of safety.

Our comprehensive Safety Management System (SMS) ensures high standards of safety across our operation and details the systems we have in place to look after volunteers whilst they are under our care.

Our SMS is independently audited each year by the School Travel Forum (STF), so you can rest assured that all necessary checks have been made, signed off and are regularly monitored.


We work with a selection of guesthouses and hotels that are locally owned and managed. They’re clean, comfortable and a perfect base for our volunteers to work from. They each undergo an industry-standard audit to ensure they comply with national safety regulations and meet the needs of our operation.

Vehicles & Transport

All vehicles must comply with our strict Vehicle Safety Policy. Each one is privately hired, has seat belts, and is regularly serviced.

All drivers that work for African Adventures must adhere to a strict Code of Conduct to ensure high standards of service. Our drivers are experienced staff who are familiar with the areas we work in and the routes we take.

Specialist Insurance and Medical Incidents

All our trips include comprehensive personal travel insurance that provides cover for volunteering. It also includes cover for Covid-19 travel complications, as well as things like lost baggage, medical expenses and personal equipment.

There are well-equipped medical facilities within a short distance of all our partner schools, which can deal with most common incidents. Specialist hospitals are available regionally to deal with more serious incidents.

Our Team and Support

All our in-country staff are Ghanaian, Kenyan and Zanzibari. Employing locally means our highly trained staff know our partner schools and the region far better than our UK staff could. However, most of our UK-based staff have volunteered, lived or worked in Africa, so you’ll benefit from a rich blend of experience before and during your trip.

All volunteers have access to 24-hour emergency support in-country and the UK during their trip. In the event of a crisis, our team is supported by emergency incident specialists, Pharos Response.

Trust To Deliver

With 15 years of experience changing lives

We work to industry-leading standards, which are reflected in our accreditations by key industry bodies. Our operation is delivered by a team of experts who know what it takes to deliver safe, rewarding volunteer experiences.