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The success of our work depends on the positive impact we make at our partner schools, their students and the volunteers who travel with us.

From building classrooms and new toilet blocks to delivering menstrual health and food security programmes, the work delivered by African Adventures each year is broad, and here we take a look in more detail at what exactly has been achieved.

Volunteers Travelled
Partner Schools
Lives Yearly Impacted in Africa

2022 Impact

2022 saw travel restrictions lifted after the Covid-19 pandemic and the return of our volunteer programme, bringing relief and excitement to everybody connected with African Adventures. Our volunteers were welcomed with open arms and completed much-needed development work, which, in some cases, had been agreed two years prior.

2023 Impact

2023 saw one of our biggest programmes to date, with groups travelling to Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar to pick up the baton from groups in 2022. There were some standout successes, including Derby County Community Trust’s 10th trip to Kenya and the completion of our pioneering WASH Programme in Zanzibar.


Thank you to all those who have been part of this special year

“It’s not just the big programmes that make me so proud of our work; it’s the individual stories our partner schools and volunteers tell us about too. From the kind gestures to the new friendships, it’s the small things that happen organically on our trips that make them such life-changing experiences.”

Dan Mew, African Adventures Founder.



“It has been a wonderful year for us here in Ghana, meeting many new groups of volunteers and also seeing some familiar faces. We so much appreciate the work done this year, especially the groups who have worked hard at our partner school, Little Roses, to screed and prepare the classroom floors for concreting so brick classrooms can be built. When it rains, the current classrooms flood and can’t be used. The new brick classrooms will ensure that all lessons can take place in a safe and practical learning environment. Thanks to our volunteers, great progress has been made across all our partner schools, and we look forward to what’s to come in 2024.”

Siva Vordzorgbe – Programme Director, Ghana.

Canteen Built
Library Builds Continued
Schools have Access to Clean Water


“We could not be more grateful for the work that has been delivered at our schools this year, especially the progress that has been made with the construction of six permanent classroom blocks. Three classrooms have been completed at Ungana Academy, and lessons have been taking place in them, providing a safe learning environment and it has reduced overcrowding. This work has only been achieved because of you, our volunteers, and we would like to thank you all for the difference you have made.”

Alex Muhoro, Programme Director, Kenya.

Permanent Classrooms Built
Perimeter Walls Built
School Meals Provided


“This year we completed the WASH Programme, with the final construction work finished at Kinuni School. The project has delivered 37 new gendered latrine toilets, 12 handwashing stations, and a transformational menstrual health management programme for over 15,000 students. It has been fantastic to see the confidence of our female students grow, with some nominating themselves as menstrual Health Management mentors, encouraging younger students to approach them when they start their period so that they can provide support and ensure access to reusable sanitary pads through the programme. Thank you to all our volunteers who have travelled to us this year and profoundly impacted our students’ lives.”

Samson Zuberi, In-Country Co-ordinator, Zanzibar.

Classrooms Renovated
Security Walls Completed
Library Renovated

2023 Highlights

  • “The whole two weeks of being in Zanzibar was an immersive and unforgettable experience. Doing both the renovation work and teaching made it feel that there was a real difference at the school by the end of the trip. It was magical to see the children grow in confidence as we got to play and dance with them more and more each day. I will forever be grateful for how wholeheartedly welcomed we were by the school and hope to visit again.”

    Hannah, Volunteer.
  • “This trip changed not just my view of the world but me as a person. It was just amazing the people, the children, and the adventures. At first, I was scared and anxious to go to Africa but when I was there, I was welcomed from the day I arrived to the day I left. Seeing the schools and the homes really was eye-opening, and seeing everyone smile with the little things such as bubbles or a football made my heart melt. Not only did I create amazing memories, but I have created forever friends. I would do this experience all over again in a second. Thank you for this opportunity.”

    Jessica, Volunteer.
  • “I was not expecting this trip to be as life-changing as it was. I am only 15 and I believe that I have achieved so much in such a small space of time. I think that everyone should push themselves out of their comfort zone to experience the reality of the world around us.”

    Olivia, Volunteer

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