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Our volunteers help bring our work to life by fulfilling the work we commit to at our partner schools.

Thousands of people volunteer at our partner schools each year, and for many, it is their first time travelling to Africa and volunteering. As experts with a wealth of knowledge in delivering volunteer trips, we make it easy for those who may not have any prior experience but a hardworking attitude, to make a difference in a developing community.

Volunteer Roles


Teaching & Sports Coaching

Classrooms at our partner schools are often overcrowded and under-resourced. By choosing a Teaching Assistant role, you’ll help teachers to deliver sport lessons and help support small groups of students with their work.


Building & Renovation

Volunteers who are hands-on and like to see a project through from start to finish should choose the Building & Renovation role. A large part of African Adventures’ work includes the construction/renovation of classrooms, kitchens, toilets, walls, offices and assembly halls at schools. The work carried out, which is always led by a local builder, is often physical and can be hard work, but is suited to all those ready to participate.

Imhotep Institute Charter High School

Water Filtration Project in Ghana

In May, STEM ambassadors from an American High School in Philadelphia travelled to the rural Volta region to deliver their water filtration project with the goal of providing access to clean water for over 3,000 students at five of our partner schools in Ghana and their community.

The group led a lesson where they taught the teachers and the students how to use a 3D printer to print water filters for the taps at the school. Once fitted, the carbon inside the filter removes the pathogens and microorganisms from the tap water, making it safe for drinking.



Derby County Community Trust

10 years of Rams in Kenya

In 2013, Derby County Community Trust travelled to Kenya for their first volunteer trip with 13 volunteers. Fast-forward 10 years, and we’re celebrating their 10th anniversary, which took place in May 2023, with 81 volunteers travelling to Kenya!

Over the years, the group has made a profound impact at our partner schools, supporting with the construction of permanent classrooms to toilet blocks and teaching in the classroom to leading sports sessions.

Through the programme, Derby County Community Trust has raised funds to support the work they carry out in their local community. Some of the money raised has gone towards supporting the work of their ‘community corner’, Harrison’s Hub. The hub, based at Pride Park Stadium, is where the Community Trust’s projects operate from. Projects include Team Talk – male mental wellbeing support, Extra Time Hub – older people’s coffee morning, Sport Memories- dementia support, and many more.

The High School of Glasgow

WASH Programme at Kinuni School

The High School of Glasgow partnered with Kinuni School at the end of 2022 and set themselves the goal of raising money as a school to fund a new toilet block as part of our WASH programme, which they would support with the construction of during their trip.

The proactive approach from the High School of Glasgow students saw them fundraise a fantastic amount, dig a trench for a water pipe, and tile the new toilet block they funded, all whilst gaining valuable skills along the way.

The toilet block comprising of 13 latrines was officially opened in a ceremony by the Minister for Education in Zanzibar.

Abbs Cross Academy

School Partnership

With the goal of building a long-term sustainable partnership, Abbs Cross Academy take a group of 10 students each year to volunteer at our partner school Woe EP, in Ghana.

Over the years, the group have played a vital role in supporting the development of the school site by moulding bricks for a perimeter wall to keep the school site secure and for the construction of classrooms to support with overcrowding. They also helped to build a canteen which has provided a hygienic place where students can eat their lunch.

The group also provide support in the classroom by teaching lessons and providing 1:1 support to students.

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