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Grants, raised at our 10-Year Anniversary Dinner which took place in March, have been finalised and are ready to be sent.

The night, held at St Mary’s Stadium in Southampton, was a great success. Thanks to our extremely generous supporters it raised almost £10,000 for African Adventures Foundation.

Since then, we have been in discussions with our partner projects in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar about how best to allocate the grants and use the funds raised by the dinner, with the aim of improving the quality of education that they provide to their students.

These grants have now been finalised, and we are delighted to share details of the impact that your generous donations will have at our partner projects in Africa.


A portion of the money raised will go to Dedzidi Community School, where it will cover the cost of building one new classroom in the school’s new two-storey classroom block. Construction of the classroom block first began in 2014, and five of the eight classrooms are already in use. This has already reduced class sizes from 50 children down to 40, and it is hoped that the completion of the sixth classroom will further reduce overcrowding in lessons.

10-Year Anniversary Dinner funds will provide grants for Dedzidi Community School in Ghana, it will go towards a complete new classroom in the two-storey block that is already being constructed.
Five classrooms in Dedzidi’s new two-storey classroom block are already in use.


At Jubilee Academy, a grant will be used to renovate the school’s toilet block. Once this is complete, the remaining funds will be used to purchase three new desks and 15 new chairs for the children.

The Walk Centre will receive funding to provide 53 new school uniforms to the children in the current primary class, who will graduate this year and move into the new school.

At Ungana Academy, a portion of the money will be used to finish building a new classroom, which volunteers from Derby County Community Trust helped to construct during their recent trip to Kenya. The classroom will be completed with new doors, windows, and roofing.

10-Year Anniversary Dinner funds will provide grants for Ungana Academy, Mama Kerry School, Bygrace School and West End Academy in Kenya
The new classroom at Ungana Academy, which volunteers from Derby County Community Trust helped to construct.

Mama Kerry School will receive a grant which will be used to install electricity and a small water tank at the school site. The remaining funds will cover the cost of the school’s feeding programme for one week.

At Bygrace School, a grant will be used to provide new stationery, chairs, and desks for the classrooms. The remainder of the funds will go towards the cost of the school’s feeding programme.

At West End Destiny Academy, new windows and doors will be installed in five classrooms, and new roofs, made from transparent corrugated sheets, will be installed to improve lighting during lessons.


At Kijito Upele School, the funds raised from the dinner will cover the costs of transforming an existing classroom into a library, complete with fresh paint, new shelves, textbooks, fiction books, and a security gate.

10-Year Anniversary Dinner funds will provide grants for Kijito Upele School, Kinuni School, and Fuoni School in Zanzibar
Kijito Upele School will use a portion of the funds raised from the dinner to transform a classroom into a library.

Kinuni School will receive a grant which will be used to construct a secure perimeter wall around the school site, in order to keep the children safe throughout the day.

Finally, Fuoni School will receive funding to finish constructing a new school hall.

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who supported or attended our 10-Year Anniversary Dinner for making the event such a success. Without your support, the work we do simply wouldn’t be possible.

Akpe! Asante! Thank you!

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