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In a time of political instability, increasingly dire warnings about climate change, and the ever increasing price of Freddos, it’s all too easy to feel slightly cynical at the state of the world.

Volunteering can be a ‘metaphorical light in the darkness’ (pardon the dramatics). Not only does it give you the chance to do some good, but it can have a significant impact on you as a human being. In fact, some people find philanthropy so rewarding that they dedicate their entire lives to helping others. In simple terms, this is what it means to be a humanitarian.


You may have heard this term mentioned in conversations alongside buzzwords such as ‘Nobel Peace Prize’, ‘United Nations’, and, over the past year or so, in popular TV, from ‘Camilla and Jamie in Love Island’. Defined by The Cambridge Dictionary as, “a person who is involved in, or connected with, improving people’s lives and reducing suffering”, humanitarianism is, simply, to look beyond the things that divide or separate us, to recognise that we are all human, and to acknowledge that we all deserve help when needed.

So, what steps can you take to get involved in humanitarianism?

Humanitarianism in Africa
  1. Start small: You don’t have to quit your job, sell all your possessions, and leave the country to become a humanitarian; showing kindness to others can start at home. Whether that means helping out a local cause by donating your time and/or talents, donating money to charity, or even something as simple as doing some odd jobs for a neighbour in need.
  2. Speak out on social: Social media is a wonderful thing. Amongst the dog memes and celebrity feuds, the plethora of platforms means that you can start and engage in conversations across the globe. Don’t be afraid to use your voice, and keyboard, to raise awareness of the issues that are important to you.
  3. Volunteer: Without sounding too cliché, volunteering can be a life-changing experience. Here at African Adventures, we connect volunteers with our partner projects across Ghana, Kenya, and Zanzibar, with the goal of promoting their growth and developing their resources. In the process, we aim to provide volunteers with a challenging and rewarding experience. Sound like it could be up your street? Contact us to find out more!
Humanitarian acts revolve around helping others

Give these a go and you may just find that, even in the age of overly priced chocolate, there is still a little bit of good in the world.

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