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Imhotep Charter High School students returned to the Volta Region in May to continue their African-centred STEM programme for global change at our partner schools and their local communities.

With a focus on solving climate change and environmental issues, last year, the group provided access to clean water for over 3,000 students at five of our partner schools by delivering their water filtration project.

This year, the group expanded their work to support more people and their communities…

Hydroponic Farming

Recently, a flood wiped out farmlands in Anayoko, Ghana, destroying their crops. Using STEM, the volunteers wanted to find a solution to create a sustainable food source that is less at risk of flooding.

“Instead of teaching students just about coding and robotics, we look at how we can solve problems in the community through science, technology, engineering, and math. We want to power communities with voices to be advocates for change and develop innovative solutions to solve real problems.” Shirley Posey, Director of STEM at Imhotep Charter High School.

Using Hydroponic farming, the STEM Ambassadors built an innovative hydroponic system that grows crops without soil at a local school in Anayoko. They then taught local farmers and more than 1,000 students how to build and sustain the system.

Hydroponic Farming

3D-printed prosthetic limb

During their trip last year, the group met a girl missing half her left leg. To try and make life a little easier for her, they used a 3D printer to build a prosthetic leg back in Philadelphia, printing a knee and a shin that slotted together and bent when she walked.

They revisited the girl this year in Keta and gave her the new prosthetic.

Imhotep STEM ambassadors

Expanding their water filtration project

Last year, the group travelled by boa boats to a rural village in Woe, where they set up a water filtration system for the villagers.

This year, they returned on foot (due to the water source drying up) to expand their project in Anyito village, where people were getting their water from a contaminated hole a mile away.

They demonstrated to the locals how to use the filtration system, pouring the contaminated water into it. The pesticides gather at the bottom of the system, making the water clean and safe to drink. The clean water was poured into bottles for the locals to enjoy, which was welcomed with large smiles.

Library build

The group continued with the construction of a library at Rhema Abutia School, which they started last year. Volunteers helped lay blocks to complete the library’s walls and started the construction of the roof.

Imhotep Charter High School also kindly donated 300 pairs of shoes for students at our partner schools.

STEM Ambassadors honoured at Philadelphia City Hall

In June, the STEM Ambassadors were honoured at Philadelphia City Hall by Councilwoman Cindy Bass, who recognised them for their impactful contributions through their STEM Programme, which emphasises practical, real-world applications and community impact.

Imhotep STEM ambassadors Philadelphia city hall

We are proud to be able to support Imhotep’s STEM Ambassadors to develop into global leaders and make effective changes in their communities locally and globally. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work on this year’s projects, making a life-changing impact.

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