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We are excited to launch our new education programme, which gives CCOs the opportunity to take students (and staff) from their local schools on a volunteer trip of a lifetime.

In this blog, we explore the benefits of our education programme for CCOs, and why students and schools want to get involved. From contributing to real change in a developing community in Africa, to supporting young people to develop into global citizens and raising funds for the club’s charity- the question is more ‘Why wouldn’t you get involved?’.

Who is the trip for?

As a CCO, our trips give you the opportunity to strengthen relationships with your local schools by taking their students on an unforgettable volunteering experience in either Ghana, Kenya or Zanzibar. Students can help build new classrooms, deliver sports coaching sessions or teach in classrooms and will return home global citizens, with a determined and positive mindset.

Fundraising for your charity

As well as impacting the lives of children at one of our partner schools, you will also be positively impacting your community back home at the same time! CCOs use our trips as a stream of unrestricted funding for their charity. You can decide how much you want your participants to raise for your charity, which we add to the price, so we have an overall package cost that participants need to raise to take part.

Example Package:

  • 8-night volunteering trip to Kenya with Rift valley Adventure Day @ £1870 (see our Trip Calculator)
  • Plus £330 donation to your CCO (£406.25 if eligible for Gift Aid)

Package presented to school: £2,200 per student

By working with three local schools and taking 30 students from each, you can raise £27,000 for your charity.

Who benefits from the trip?

Well, everybody!

As a CCO, you will:

  • Boost existing relationships within your local secondary school network.
  • Raise unrestricted funds for your charity.
  • Build a sustainable partnership with an international school.

Students will:

  • Broaden their horizons by experiencing a new culture.
  • Learn new skills, including entrepreneurial and leadership skills.
  • Share their incredible and unique experience on their CV and reference when applying for further education and job opportunities.

Our partner schools benefit from the programme through the financial and humanitarian support that the trips bring. This includes:

  • The necessary facilities being built or improved.
  • Extra teaching support in the classroom where there is overcrowding and a lack of resources.

We work with our partner schools in Africa to identify their needs, and what we can help with, so we can ensure the work we carry out has a long-lasting impact.

Your UK partner schools will be delighted to offer an extraordinary opportunity to their students and support a valuable local cause.

“Our CCO trips not only make a big impact at our partner schools, but they also raise much-needed funds for local communities in which the CCO works within. Our education programme is a new way for CCOs to work with us. It’s been great talking to our CCO partners about this new opportunity and starting to book their trips for 2024.” Will Newbolt, Partnerships Manager

How do I get involved?

Will, our Partnerships Manager, is holding an online forum, ‘Generate unrestricted funding whilst working with local secondary schools’ on Thursday 9th March 2023, at 10 am to talk more about this opportunity and answer any questions you may have. To join, please register your interest here.

You can also visit our CCO page for all the details about our trips or contact us at

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