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Well, it’s been a bit warm this week, hasn’t it?!

The past few days have been some of the hottest on record, with the sun scorching the towns and cities of the UK. The Mediterranean temperatures have made desk-based work a challenge, and have sparked some wanderlust amongst the staff in our Eastleigh office. It’s also got our minds ablaze with ideas to get started on some summer fundraising!

If you are aged 16-19, and have also been finding yourself searching for some far-flung destination to escape to, have you considered doing so on our Youth Development Programme (YDP), taking place in summer 2020?

The sunshine illuminates some great opportunities to get you started on your summer fundraising for the YDP. We’ve created a six-week calendar designed to help you ‘turn up the heat’ on your donations. Puns fully intended.

WEEK 6: Car Wash

Car washing is the perfect excuse to get out in the sun and the local community. You can buy car washing materials cheaply from most retailers, and it’s proven to be a fail-safe way to fundraise.

WEEK 5: BBQ Cook Out

Everyone loves a BBQ! There’s something about outside cooking which gets dads across the country excited, spirits high, and Pimms flowing. Willing to play host? Invite your friends, family, and colleagues round for a small contribution towards your trip costs, and get the party started. You could even increase the fun and introduce an additional fundraising element with some team games.

Summer fundraising: Baking and beverages are a guaranteed way of getting donations towards your trip.
You could go the extra mile and sell bakes or barbequed goods with an added delivery service. All the food with none of the fuss!

WEEK 4: Lemonade Stand

Taking inspiration from any classic American film, homemade lemonade is a refreshing beverage for this time of year. You can find recipes online and set up a stall outside your home. Better yet, combine this with the chance for a clear-out by doing a garage sale. It’s a brilliant way to make room for all your trip gear, and maximise your summer fundraising efforts!

Summer fundraising: Doubling up on your fundraising can be a good method to doubling your donations! Why not sell lemonade at your garage sale?
Garage sales can easily be combined with other fundraising activities on this calendar, and are a good way to make room for all your new trip gear!

WEEK 3: Ice Bath

This is a guaranteed way to cool off, even if it is on the more extreme side! Get people to sponsor you to sit in an ice bath. For every £10 they pay, you stay in for 30 seconds. If this sounds a little too ‘out there’ (or cold!), you could swap the ice for some other interesting substance (beans have proven popular). Get people to guess the number of tins in the tub, get donations for the chance to pour something on you (think dunk-tank style!); the possibilities are endless.

WEEK 2: Summer Film Evening

Make the most of the chance to be outside before the typical rainy British weather returns. Why not hire a projector and host an outdoor film evening? It could be in your garden, or if you get in touch with the right people, in a larger outdoor space. Use your resources, and don’t be afraid to contact companies to ask for donations – whether this be money or equipment towards your event!

WEEK 1: Swim

Rather than sweating away on a not-so-fun run in the sun, why not do a sponsored swim? This is something you can collect donations for throughout the summer and is a flippin’ good way to round off your summer fundraising.

So, get out there and make the most of the sunshine, whilst doing some summer fundraising to get you one step closer to your African Adventure…

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