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This marks a summer to remember for our partner schools, who between them welcomed over 300 volunteers during our Summer Volunteer Programme.

Our summer groups picked up the baton and continued with the construction projects planned, teaching and sport coaching. Read on for a round-up of the impact our summer programme has had on our partner schools.


Rhema Abuita and Woe E.P.

Our groups who volunteered at Rhema Abuita and Woe E.P. continued with the construction of a school canteen. Once complete, the canteen will provide a hygienic place for the pupils to enjoy their two daily meals which are provided by the schools.



At Shalom, a new classroom block is being built to reduce overcrowding. Our volunteers helped to mould bricks which will be used for the classroom and made a start in the construction of it. We are looking forward to seeing the classroom progress as our next group of volunteers head there.


The Walk Centre

Volunteers helped to paint the inside of the school hall and classrooms, to create an engaging learning environment. They also repaired old desks and chairs and bought new ones, too.

Chaddy Mission

Volunteers paid for metal desks and chairs to be made to go into the classrooms which they then painted. They also painted the classrooms. Another group levelled an area of the school ground for a new playground. Having a playground onsite, will provide a safe area for pupils to play in without having to cross a road.

Cherish Exchange

Painting was a big theme this summer at Cherish for our Summer Volunteer Programme, as they helped to paint the inside and outside of the toilet block, inside and outside of the classrooms and the desks.

Groups also helped to build the perimeter wall around the school and a trench to control flood water.

A group also kindly bought a generator and water pump.

“The volunteers have helped us to do a lot this summer and have made the school better.” Moses, Director of Cherish School.


Jubilee Academy

Volunteers helped to paint the new toilet block and classrooms, which included two external walls, two nursery classrooms, doors and window frames. They helped to extend the roof and verandah of one of the classrooms and also bought tables, chairs, glass for windows and doors, and wood for fascia.

One group ran a competition for their volunteers, where the volunteers had to come up with a project they would like to run at Jubilee. This year’s winner’s idea was a sensory room, which the group created in one of the classrooms for the pupils to use.


One of our current projects at Ungana is to upgrade the tin classrooms into safe permanent structures. Volunteers helped to demolish three tin classrooms, started the foundations for three new permanent classrooms and continued with the construction of a permanent classroom.

Volunteers also helped to tile the new kitchen and the headteacher’s office.

“I helped with building a wall for the new classroom and painting the chairs. I am proud of the work that has been done and to have been part of it.” Harry, Volunteer.


West End Destiny

Volunteers helped paint the new classroom and the inside of the other classrooms.

They helped to fix the windows in some of the classrooms and paid for doors, windows, guttering and electricity to be installed.

St Trizah

One of St. Trizah’s aims is to build enough toilets for all the students and to improve the current toilet facilities by painting them. Our groups helped to continue the construction of the new toilet block.

“Our children have learned a lot from the volunteers this year. Through interacting and sharing experiences with the volunteers, they have improved their English language skills. We are looking forward to welcoming more volunteers to our school.” Madame Teresa, Manager at St. Trizah.


Kijito Upele

Volunteers helped to renovate one of the new headmistress’ offices by tiling the floor. They also began renovations of a second office.


Volunteers helped to repair and renovate three classrooms by filling in and painting the walls and filling in the holes on the classroom floor.


“We can’t thank our Summer volunteers enough for the time and energy they’ve put into supporting our partner schools this summer. Significant progress has been made and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without our volunteers and their dedicated group leaders. We are so proud of everything they have achieved.” Laura, Volunteer Programmes Manager at African Adventures.

There is still so much work to be done at our partner schools. If you’re interested in picking up the baton from our Summer Volunteer Programme and arranging a group volunteering experience, please click here.

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