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We are excited to launch our new partnership with Tegbi Birthing Clinic, which will see hundreds of women receive essential birthing supplies which they otherwise wouldn’t have.

Tegbi Birthing Clinic located in the deprived area of Woe, where our 11 partner schools are based, provides birthing support to women in the community. Each month, around 80 women come to the clinic to give birth but 75% of these cannot afford the fee for their stay. The clinic is a lifeline for many women who cannot afford to pay the higher fees for the local hospital, and want the safety of being supported throughout their labour.

We first supported Tegbi Birthing Clinic, back in 2017 by providing the clinic with beds, birthing chairs, and water tanks, through funds donated to African Adventures Foundation to help provide a safer environment for labouring mothers.  Last year, the clinic was hit by a storm and African Adventures Foundation raised the £3,500 funding required to fix the damaged roof of the main building and the outdoor waiting area, which couldn’t be used after the damage. It was essential that these repairs were made, as so many women rely on the clinic.

Maternity Packs

We are delighted to be able to extend our support with an official partnership through a new off-setting scheme by African Adventures, which will see the clinic receive 30 maternity packs each month to support those mothers who cannot afford these essential supplies. Each pack contains:

  • Packs of nappies x2
  • Sponges x2
  • Maternity pads x2
  • Cot sheets x6
  • Baby soap
  • Baby grows x6
  • Delivery sheet
  • Baby hat
  • Baby pomade
  • Baby towel
  • Dummy


Dan Mew, African Adventures Director, with the midwives at Tegbi Birthing Clinics handing over the maternity packs.

Why is this important?

So many of the women that attend the birthing centre are unable to afford the most basic of items for their newborn. At an already challenging time, in early motherhood, we want to support mothers with the items they need to care for their babies.

The lead midwife at Tegbi Clinic, Evelyn, said, “The birthing packs will have a great impact on the mothers who attend the clinic by promoting good health and a supervised delivery. Some people can’t afford the delivery fee or items and, therefore, deliver at home, and this can lead to birthing complications and even death. Knowing if they come to deliver in this facility, they will be given birthing items to take home, will improve delivery for many women.”

What do we want to achieve?

Through our partnership with Tegbi Birthing Clinic, we aim to give babies in Woe the best start in life by ensuring good hygiene practices for baby and mother with our maternity packs.

Alongside the birthing pack programme, our goal is to further increase our support through funding much-needed equipment so that mothers can give birth in a safer environment, and to educate expectant and new mothers through antenatal and postnatal education workshops.


Through our partnership with Tegbi Birthing Clinic, we’re aiming to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development goal of good health and well-being.

It costs just £27 to provide a mother with the essential birthing supplies, which will help her care for her baby properly.  To donate, please click here.


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