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Volunteering in Africa is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many schools that want to take their students learning beyond the classroom. Whether it’s teaching the pupils a maths lesson or helping to build new facilities, students who volunteer at one of our partner schools contribute to real change in a developing community whilst stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing a new experience. Here are just some of the benefits volunteering in Africa could have on your students.

Building social skills

Before travelling to Africa, students are encouraged to work together to prepare for their trip. This could be putting together lesson plans for their teaching volunteer role, organising the collection of donations or planning their group fundraising events. By working together as a team, students will mix with others they may not normally socialise with, building their confidence and communication skills while working towards a common goal.

“This trip allowed me to try new things with new people, which has given me more confidence. I had an incredible experience that I will never forget.” Hannah, Volunteer.

When volunteering in Africa, students will interact with people from a different culture which they may not have encountered before. Here their communication skills will be developed as they adapt their tone and language as they talk to the young pupils at our partner school, teachers, and our in-country team.


Gain experience

The hands-on experience gained whilst volunteering can help students learn new skills that can later be used in the workplace or higher education. For example, if a student chooses the building and renovation volunteer role, they can learn how to manage a project, work to a schedule and communicate effectively within a team which can be put on their CV.


94% of students said their trip has enabled them to develop useful skills for later life.

2022 Volunteer Survey

Develop a sense of purpose

Before you travel as a school, our team plans the project work with our partner school that your students will be doing to ensure you make the most significant impact. By carrying out work that is identified as necessary for the school’s development, students will complete purposeful work that impacts others’ lives, helping them to find a purpose by becoming part of something which they feel passionate about.


“The trip opened my eyes to a new world and culture and has inspired me with what I want to do in the present and future.” Kacie, Volunteer.

Building resilience

During the volunteer experience, students will leave their comfort zone as they find themselves in new situations. This could be asking local businesses to donate to their trip, travelling to a new country without their family for the first time or speaking to their peers in assembly about their trip when they return. By overcoming these personal challenges, students will learn critical thinking skills and build their confidence which are essential skills for their personal development.

“Mind-opening and eye-widening. It was emotionally challenging but incredibly rewarding. I would do it all again in a heartbeat.” Bethany, Volunteer.

Broaden their horizons

When volunteering in Africa, students’ horizons will broaden as they engage with different cultures and education systems, giving them a new perspective on their values and life. These experiences they encounter play an important part in their development into global citizens and, ultimately, them contributing to society more positively.

97% of students said their trip gave them a real insight into a different culture and the wider world.

2022 Volunteer Survey


“This trip has shown me a wider perspective of the world and has boosted my confidence skills.” – Julia, Volunteer.

The benefits of volunteering for students are endless! Support your students in gaining these valuable skills through a school volunteer trip to Africa.

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