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After months of closures as part of stringent lockdown measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, we were delighted to help the schools we support in Ghana, Kenya and Zanzibar finally reopen to all students.

Without these schools, thousands of children would struggle to access education due to the costs associated with attending government-run schools. Our partner schools also provide hundreds of children with a daily meal – a vital source of nutrition, and, for some, potentially the only meal they have each day. 

However, our partner projects urgently need your support in order to remain open. Read on for three key reasons why we need regular donors, and learn how just £10 a month can make a huge difference to the children we support. 

Help our schools stay open

With volunteers from the UK still unable to travel, our partner projects need your support now more than ever to cover essential running costs such as feeding programmes, staff salaries, and rent. At this critical time, our partner schools are also faced with the cost of vital items such as face masks, hand sanitiser, and thermometers in order to ensure they can safely reopen to their students.

Without additional support, some schools will have to drastically reduce the services they provide to their local communities, whilst others may be at risk of closing altogether.

Just £10 can pay for a child’s free school meals and education for one month, helping to ease the financial pressure on our partner projects. 

Our partner schools need additional support to stay open.

Provide ongoing support to our partner projects

By giving regularly, donors can provide continued support to our partner schools and the children who attend them, helping to instigate real change by providing a reliable source of funding that has a meaningful impact month after month.  

If you can spare £10 a month, you’ll be helping to ensure that our partner projects are able to provide a free education and daily meal to the children who attend them. Simply put, whilst a one-off donation can have an immediate but short-term impact, regular giving has the potential to sustain real change over a longer period of time, ultimately helping to enhance the opportunities of the children we support by providing ongoing access to education. 

Plus, even the smallest monthly donation accumulates over time, meaning that you can make a real difference to the children at our partner projects, whatever your income.

Help our partner projects plan for the future 

Lastly, regular monthly donations mean that our partner projects have a reliable source of income to fall back on. This enables our partner schools to plan for the future and feel confident that they can cover essential running costs such as teachers’ salaries, rent or feeding programmes. Ultimately, this means that our partner projects can provide a reliable service to their local communities, and can feel confident that they have the funding they need to offer a free education and daily meal to the children who rely on them. 

By giving just £10 a month, you can offer our partner projects a deeper level of support that extends far beyond the reach of a one-off donation, and know that you’re making a real impact on the work that we do by helping more children access an education. 

Our partner schools need your support now more than ever in order to remain open for their students. To set up a regular donation, please click here

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