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It’s fair to say that current events have had a huge impact on every member of our society – one of the most prominent changes being the increased number of people who are working from home. 

According to an article by the BBC, over 1.5 million people normally work from home. With the new government advice issued as a result of the Coronavirus, many companies have made the decision to allow their employees to work from the safety of their own homes. 

For the African Adventures team, this has been a big change. Even when we are all in the office together, we’re a relatively small team. Now, with the office closing from Monday in line with government advice, our staff are spread across the country, working from their sofas, dining rooms, and makeshift desks. 

We’ve compiled a few of our top tips for keeping motivated whilst working at home, and generally staying positive during this surreal time that we’re all living in.

Rachel says.. 

“As a parent, my top tip centres around how to survive the time whilst schools and nurseries are shut. Not to say that I am any kind of expert on this – I have just read a number of helpful articles to guide parents on getting through this difficult time. The main thing I have taken from these articles is that there is no point arguing with your kids to do work. I do not have the skills to be a teacher so I plan on keeping my children entertained with everyday activities that have some educational value, such as: doing jigsaws, reading, baking, watching films together, going on nature walks, building dens, painting, and making zoos. It is not going to be easy but I know it will be easier if we don’t load too much pressure on ourselves to homeschool our children. Whilst managing the needs of the children, my husband and I will be doing our best to deliver our work objectives, by giving each other some time to focus away from the children. We can only do our best and hope that we will find a way to get through it without all driving each other crazy! Best of luck to everyone.”

Rachel's son William with some words of wisdom about working from home - "We need to be kind and play together and share and wash our hands properly."
William has some wise words – “We need to be kind and play together and share and wash our hands properly.”

Will says…

“Staying in bed can be really appealing when working from home, but I promise you that by getting up and making a work space somewhere quiet (away from the TV!) you’ll be much more productive. Also, don’t stop your usual routine – get up, have a shower, brush your teeth, and get dressed in something other than pyjamas.”

Laura says…

“The dogs of the UK are no doubt loving having their owners working from home at the moment. My top tip is to provide them with plenty of toys and stimulation, otherwise, you will find your home office being taken over and very little work getting done!”

Working from home - dog at desk
Bentley helps to organise your trips, and he works in the Barketing department on the side.

Mike says…

“Invest in a good set of headphones. Babies are LOOOOUUUUDD.”

Working from home
Ivy is having a great time with the whole family being home.

Rosie says…

“Give yourself a set routine to stick to. I find this helps to give the day some normality in a time when the world is anything but! I try to wake up with enough time to shower, dress and have some breakfast and a cup of tea before starting work. At lunchtime, I try to get out of the house for half an hour, even if it’s just to walk around the block and stretch my legs. Then, when the working day is done, I close my laptop and step away from my “desk” as a way of separating work life from home life. I also think it’s important to maintain contact with your colleagues as much as possible – my team is in constant communication, which definitely makes you feel more connected! Take care everyone.”

Rosie working from home
Rosie finds having a routine really helpful.

Beth says…

“I find it really helpful working in a space separate to where I spend my evenings. Although I love the idea of working from underneath my duvet, I make sure to set up at the desk in my spare room, so once the day is over I can quite literally shut the door on work. It also keeps me away from the other home workers in my house, which helps me to focus! When I need a break, I go and have a walk about outside, go to grab a coffee, or chat with my at-home-assistant, Pumpkin.”

Working from home
No real mice here… just a hamster hard at work.

Working from home can be tough, but with a set routine, regular breaks, and good communication, you’ll adjust to it quickly. Keep positive everyone!

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