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The enthusiastic and committed 70 volunteers from Derby County Community Trust (DCCT) embarked on their ninth trip to continue the development work at our partner schools in Nakuru.

During their 15-night stay in Kenya, the volunteers visited five of our partner schools, where they got involved with construction work, teaching, sports coaching. Derby County Community Trust also visited three pupils’ homes and the Hilton Dumpsite, an eye-opening experience to see where many of The Walk Centre pupils live.

The group very kindly bought a number of donations with them including shoes, clothes, toys and girls’ underwear.

In this blog, we celebrate the hard work of the volunteers from DCCT by looking at just some of their achievements – a fantastic example of the profound contribution that a single group of volunteers can make by supporting one of our partner schools.

Ungana Academy

First stop was Ungana Academy, where the group assisted with the construction of a new toilet block and re-plastered the caretaker’s room. They then started building a permanent classroom, which will give the pupils a safe space to enjoy their lessons.


The group also supported with teaching in the classrooms and led outdoor play with the children.

Hear from Kerry, a DCCT volunteer about her experience at Ungana Academy.

Chaddy Mission School

At Chaddy, DCCT volunteers got stuck in with constructing a drainage system and painting the school to make it a more welcoming place to learn. We couldn’t be more pleased with the way everything is looking!

The group also supported with teaching Italian and French and played outdoor games with the children.


Jubilee Academy

At Jubilee, the volunteers helped to construct a new toilet block for the teachers and painted the girls and boys toilets. They fixed the school gate which will help to keep the school secure for the children and provide a safe learning environment for them to flourish in.

The group also supported with teaching in the classrooms and ran sports activities with the children.

The group gave the outside of the school a new coat of paint.

West End Destiny Academy

Welcomed by the pupils singing and dancing, the volunteers were excited to get stuck in.

At West End the volunteers helped to construct a new classroom. This will help to provide a safer, more engaging learning environment for the children. The volunteers then made a start on building a kitchen. Our partner schools provide two meals a day for their pupils, for many this being their only food for the day.

west-end-kitchen-before west-end-kitchen-after

At lunchtime they helped deliver our food security programme at the school, where they helped to serve mash and vegetables.

The group made balloon animals and played football with the children. Chippy, with the help of his guitar, performed nursery rhymes which put a smile on everyone’s face.

They also put-up swings in the playground and painted a colourful rainbow in one of the classrooms.

Cherish School

At Cherish, the volunteers dug footings for a new school classroom and painted a tree on the classroom wall which included the children’s handprints for the leaves. They also built a perimeter wall around the school.

The group also supported with teaching in the classrooms and made a poster for each of the children with their name on for them to decorate.


We would like to say a massive thank you to Derby County Community Trust, for their contribution to such vital work at our partner schools in Kenya. We look forward to welcoming them back in summer 2023 for their 10th anniversary trip. Find out how you can get involved with their next trip and leave your mark.

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