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Last week, Fred, our Programmes Manager for Kenya, joined the UK team via video call to talk us through the 2024 Kenya volunteer programme and what he is most looking forward to this year.

This year, our team and partner schools will be welcoming over 1,000 volunteers to Kenya. With lots of exciting project work planned for them to complete, they will continue to support the development of the facilities at our partner schools and support students with their academic achievements. Read on to hear from Fred about some of the project work and programmes he looks forward to seeing our volunteers get stuck into…

Jubilee School

This year, our volunteers will support fundis (local builders) in completing the construction of three permanent classrooms at Jubilee School. The school has never built a permanent structure on the school grounds before, meaning they haven’t been able to register the school.

Once complete, Jubilee can apply for official registration as a school with the Ministry of Education. The Kenyan government requires schools to either be registered or working towards it.


Volunteers helping to lay the foundations for the three permanent classrooms at Jubilee School in 2023.

Food Security Programme

Each year, I love being at our partner schools during the morning or at lunchtime when students receive their free breakfast and lunchtime meal provided through the food security programme. This year, through kind donations, the African Adventures Foundation will provide 1,187 children monthly with two meals a day. Before the food security programme, some children didn’t know what breakfast was and would spend the day hungry until they went home, where they may receive some food.


Students enjoying their lunch at Cherish School.

Christmas Meal Appeal

Even though our 2024 programme is just beginning, I am looking forward to Christmas, when joy will be spread across our partner schools, and each pupil will receive a special Christmas meal and a party. Seeing all the hard work our volunteers, supporters, and the team put into it is incredible.


Valentine, Head Teacher and Founder of West End, with her students who are having their special Christmas meal.

I can’t wait to see what we achieve this year at our partner schools, and I look forward to welcoming so many of you to Kenya.

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