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Last week, Alex, our East African Director, travelled to Zanzibar to see Samson, our In-Country Co-ordinator for Zanzibar, to prepare to welcome our first Zanzibar volunteer group of 2024 this week.

We have been working in Zanzibar since 2014, and it’s been amazing to see the programme grow over the last 10 years. With more volunteers travelling, we are able to partner with a further three schools in Zanzibar City, now supporting over 17,000 students in total. Volunteers will carry out project work set by each of our partner schools that meets their needs and helps to give more disadvantaged children the chance of a better future. Read on to hear about some of the project work and programmes that will be taking place in 2024…

Fuoni Primary School

We’ve been working with Fuoni since 2014, and this year, volunteers will be continuing to construct a perimeter wall around the toilet block and menstrual health management room, which was built as part of our WASH Programme.


The perimeter wall at Fuoni School which was started by volunteers in 2023.

Kijito Upele

We’ve been working with Kijito Upele since 2014, and this year, volunteers will help concrete the floor of the school grounds to ensure it is level and safe for the students.

With over 5,700 students attending Kijito daily, classrooms quickly deteriorate due to overcrowding and students having to sit on the floor. Volunteers will help level the classroom floors by filling in the holes.


The unlevel ground at Kijito Upele.

Kinuni Primary School

We’ve been working with Kinuni since 2018, and this year, volunteers will help concrete the floors of the nursery classrooms and repair windows and doors. Kinuni is our largest partner school, with over 6,700 students. The renovations taking place this year will ensure that Kinuni can continue to provide an education to their students in a safe environment.

Menstrual Health Management Programme

2023 saw the completion of our WASH Programme at the above three schools, which also included a transformative menstrual health management programme. This year, African Adventures Foundation will continue rolling out the sustainable sanitary pad programme, supplying each school with the fabric needed for teachers to produce reusable sanitary pads for their students. Education about menstrual health will also continue, with both boys and girls attending workshops to improve their knowledge and understanding of menstruation.


The sewing machine (left) that teachers use to produce the reusable sanitary pads (right).

Introducing our new partner schools

We are excited to partner with three more schools this year and impact the lives of more children across the island.

Bezeamo Academy

Bezeamo Academy was founded in 2014 and educates around 300 students between the ages of three to 14.

Bezeamo’s aim is to support more children in their community to pass their national exams and continue their education into secondary school. Volunteers will support Bezeamo by helping to construct a new toilet block, a perimeter wall and renovate existing classrooms.

Flora Nursery and Primary School

Flora Nursery and Primary School was founded in 2003 to give those less fortunate in their community an education and a chance of a better future. The school educates around 150 students between the ages of three to 14. Without Flora Nursery and Primary School, it is unlikely that some local children would receive an education at all.

Their aim for this year is for volunteers to help renovate the classrooms, including repairing the windows and constructing verandas.

Ubago Primary School

A group volunteered at Ubago Primary School last summer, where they helped to renovate a school classroom block. We are delighted to be officially partnering with them and providing long-term development support through our volunteer programme.

Their aims for this year are to install a water pump and handwashing stations to improve hygiene, which will positively impact student attendance, complete the construction of the headteacher’s office and for repairs to be made to existing classrooms.


A classroom at Ubago Primary School.

We can’t wait for our Zanzibar volunteer programme to start this week, and we look forward to sharing updates throughout the year about the development of each of our partner schools. Stay tuned!

Find out how you can make a difference through volunteering here.

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